(Cardiff) Medium/High-rise Residential Buildings


The project located at Moorhead Close, Cardiff was an opportunity to discover new and more innovative ways to build within the regulations and to provide fully compliant homes.

The site has an approved planning consent for 20 apartments over 5 floors in Block G and 12 apartments over 6 floors in Block F.  We will be tweaking this to give a more mixed spread based on the local requirements of the area. The two ground floor units will be adapted to meet special needs, the upper floors will provide 5 two-bed and 5 one-bed units. A lift will also be installed.

Challenges on this site include the bankruptcy of the previous developers on the project. We await verification of the current works on site so that they meet the required warranty approvals. The site is also very tight which will mean that locating ourselves, our suppliers and materials will not be straightforward.

The site was handed over in April 2021, the build contract took 18 months which continued through COVID-19 restrictions.