Pursuing excellence
We are determined in our pursuit of excellence to provide a safe living environment for all.


ASD Build is a chartered building company. We carry out work as the main contractor with principal designer experience. At ASD we employ registered building and fire engineers to manage the removal of dangerous, aluminium composite material (ACM), timber cladding and any other combustible material recognised by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government (HCLG) from high-rise residential buildings.

We work to all UK Government guidelines in removing & re-cladding buildings that are owned by social housing landlords, private landlords, student accommodation and commercial buildings that have been identified as unsafe.

We can offer several services in connection with the re-cladding of buildings. This includes a specialist administration service to aid with your grant application, pre-construction appointment of specific consultants & designers, a full design & build service, management of external contractors and a structured handover service with full compliance.



ASD specialises in the construction of Medium to High Rise Buildings (MHRB). We have a strong engineering and technical background which enables ASD to fully understand the constraints and requirements when building upwards. We strongly believe in a sustainable MHRB, with good design, quality build practices through modern methods of construction (MMC), masonry systems, Concrete frame (CF) or traditional steel. Environment, placemaking, and the local economy are at the forefront of the design and build process developed by ASD Build.

As well as being able to work in a pre-construction services agreement (PCSA) or Design & Build (D&B) contract formula, ASD is vastly experienced in developing all types of buildings. We use external planners, architects, engineers with many other pre-construction practices & professionals to enable the development to proceed to the full construction phase.

To complete the construction works, ASD engages with many building consultants to meet legislation and building control requirements. This will mean coordinating the collaboration of fire consultants with building and structural engineers to enable the building to meet its legal requirements whilst also being mindful of internal fit-out arrangements to create a home.